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 Wine Labels
 Food Labels



Azcoat can apply a wide variety of adhesives to an array of products. Some examples include specialty labels like the ones used on fruit. These labels had to be FDA approved for food contact, plus be able to stick to a round, sometimes moist, smooth surface. Azcoat sucessfully developed these specialty labels that are now used on many food items!

Specialty Adhesives: Azcoat has manufactured another specialty label, one that adheres in cold or ice water, but removes easily in hot water. This special label makes recycling easy. This particular label was used on wine bottles, however the applications for this type of product are endless when considering the need for “green” solutions for packaging and labeling. Since Azcoat doesn’t use any solvents and all adhesives and coatings are aqueous based, many new, environmentally friendly labeling products come out of our factory.

Other adhesives can be pressure sensitive or not, depending on your needs. The ability to add adhesives to substrates is one of Azcoats strengths. One area that is out of Azcoats capabilities is in the sanitary / medical grade sector. It may be possible that Azcoat could manufacture products of this nature, but for the most part this is not our specialty.

Some More Adhesives Azcoat Has Developed and Applied to Substrates:

Heat Activated: When heat is applied to these adhesives they become tacky.
Water Soluable: Dissolves in water, or can be removed with water.
Low Tack: Sometimes refered to as removable or repositionable adhesives. These adhesives can range in their tackiness and are used for labeling, temporary applications, repositionable products etc.
Medium Tack Adhesives: An adhesive that falls between removable and permanent.
High Tack:

Basically a permanent adhesive. Also can be an adhesive that is extremely thick in order to adhere to rough surfaces like brick, rust, pipes, cinder block etc.

Commercial / Industrial Grade: A level of adhesive that is basically used in industry for a wide variety of uses. Sometimes industrial grade refers to where the adhesive is used, most often it refers to the strength or permanence of the adhesive.

Rubber based adhesives.

Acrylic adhesives.

Cling materials (inlcuding window cling items)

The grades of adhesive range from xxx-xxx psi contact Azcoat for more technical specifications. and material thickness range is 1/4 mil to 25 mil including some rigid / semi rigid substrates.

Single and double sided adhesive products.

Products with partial adhesive coating.