Product Examples



Printing on SuperTag:
SuperTag can be printed on both sides of its surface. Acceptable printing methods include: offset, flexographic, direct thermal, thermal transfer, and laser. Once printed, SuperTag can have additional printing applied using direct thermal, thermal transfer and laser printers.

SuperTag Applications:
Ideal for ski tags, lift tickets, day/week passes, amusement park passes, fairs, tournaments, concerts, limited access passes, reusable passes, parking tickets. Nearly any event, function, park, area, or access zone can use SuperTag material for making tickets, especially when durability is a necessity. SuperTag comes in master rolls and printed by printers using a wide variety of printing methods. Once tags, tickets, or passes have been printed with standard information, the item can have additional printing applied by a direct thermal, thermal transfer, or laser printer at the time of issue. Bar codes can be printed on SuperTag stock, or be printed at the time of ticket issue. Information printed on SuperTag remains readable by scanners, optical devices, lasers, bar code scanners and the human eye!

New SuperTag Applications:
SuperTag can be used as cover stock for brochures, folders, books, booklets, pamphlets sleeves, covers, envelopes and casings. Any printed document that needs to be protected can use SuperTag as its covering material. SuperTag has a unique tactile quality that separates itself from standard cover stock. Instantly a company or corporate image can be created or enhanced with this unique material.

Converting SuperTags:
SuperTag can be die cut, guillotined, sheeted and perforated making it an ideal material for licenses, tags, ID cards, hang tags, lock-out tags and more. Nearly any item that needs to maintain its readability when being exposed to abrasion, handling, storage, and contact. The light, flexible material is easy to handle and carry yet is extremely durable without lamination.

Variations of SuperTag:
Supertag is available with adhesive backing, too. SuperTag makes extremely durable labels that can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse. SuperTag is best used in cases where special labels are necessary.

Other lamination materials can be made in much the same way as SuperTag. With the addition of specialized top coats printing can be applied to laminates that would make truly new proprietary products that can be patent protected. Azcoat guarantees security and reliability if and when these sorts of products are manufactured in our facility! Bring your application ideas and needs to Azcoat and we will help you develop your product or supply.