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AzCoat is a custom label and tag stock manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films, papers, tickets and tag materials. We are a roll to roll coating company and our primary objective is to design, develop and manufacture a product that meets your needs. To achieve this objective, we will utilize a wide range of substrates, laminations, print receptive top coats and adhesives. Experience includes working with films, paper, metalized materials, rigid, semi rigid and flexible plastics, resins, fabrics, synthetics and foams. Our experienced staff combined with our ability to research, design, develop, construct, manufacture and inspect your products in-house guarantees consistency, quality and money savings.

Matching and applying a standard or specialized topcoat for your printing method or requirement is a primary area of our expertise. Our digital topcoated materials will optimize your printing and graphics on virtually every high-end digital printer. Our proprietary Inkjet topcoat has created quite a stir and leads the industry in durability, moisture resistance and print quality.

The same level of expertise is used in selecting and applying an adhesive to fit your application. AzCoat’s list of adhesive’s capability extends from the ultra removable to very aggressive permanent. We can do static cling, cohesive, repositionable, heat seal and pattern coats. These adhesives can be applied to most any substrate from film to paper.

Additionally, we are also open to custom or contract manufacturing projects, making prototypes, contract laminating and working with partners on project components. Our minimums are low and our turnaround time is exceptional.

AzCoat values the privacy of our accounts. Please browse our site to get a better idea of who AzCoat is and what we can do for you. After you've checked out the site, if you still need more information, please contact us via the contact us link listed above!

-- The Azcoat Team

AzCoat can provide many services to aid your company. From the simplest of jobs to the most complex, we will work side by side with you from concept to production. If you know exactly what you need send us the specs.

Custom Applcations.

Many custom products AzCoat is able to make are combinations of several different materials and processes. Usually these custom products are components of larger systems, solutions or processes. For example, AzCoat makes an adhesive-backed product that is used for anti-static cleaning in a manufacturing process to ensure dust-free conditions.


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Azcoat’s specialty is developing and manufacturing niche products that require adhesive application, top-coating, or lamination processes in order to make effective, specialty products.