Laminations can be a variety of products. Traditionally laminations suggest an over-laminate that protects a document, label, tag, booklet etc. A clear film that provides a barrier of protection to water, weather, UV light, abrasion etc. Azcoat does make a wide variety of traditonal overlaminate material that is used in a wide variety of industries.

An over-laminate product Azcoat manufactures is a hand laminating sheet that requires no heat, electricity or machinery to apply. Simply peel off the backing and cover the document that needs protection. Instantly a complete seal can be created when the front and back of the item is covered. Or, protect one side of the item if that’s all it requires. These hand laminating sheets come in a variety of sizes and degrees of thickness. Plus, some of the laminating sheets are top coated to offer UV protection that no other hand laminating sheets can. Azcoat has expanded its ability to take an existing idea or product and made it suitable for new uses through technology.

Another definition of lamination is a layered type of product, where the layers of material are combined in a way to make a new better product solution. One such item is called SuperTag, manufactured by Azcoat. SuperTag is a laminated composite material that can be printed on both sides of its surface. Its unique quality is its durability. With several layers acting as reinforcing agents, SuperTag is resistant to water, chemicals, ripping, tearing, puncturing, delaminating, disintegration, and damage due to temperature extremes. This new material made by AzCoat gives you another product to offer your clients who require a durable and printable material. Originally used for ski tags, SuperTag has been used for a wide variety of applications. New uses for SuperTag are being developed every day! Your printing business can be expanded dramatically when printing “consumable” items such as tickets, tags, licenses, passes, etc. It’s an instant repeat supply market that you can profit from.

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