Thermal Transfer

AzCoats Thermal transfer polyester/vinyl adhesive-backed films have been chemically formulated and matched for optimum print quality, durability, speed, and resistance to moisture, chemicals or abrasion in industrial environments. Films rolls are specifically designed for use in thermal transfer printers for the production of industrial labels, tags, banners, bar codes, product labels and custom OSHA, ANSI and IIAR compliant pipe marking requirements. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications including harsh environments, some pressure sensitive film rolls are also matched to the ANSI Z535.1 Color Standard.

Film Rolls

Polyester & Vinyl Base Materials. High grade UV resistant pigmented colored polyester, vinyl, and metalized films used for a variety of industrial applications.

Special Thermal Transfer Top Coating chemically matched to resin thermal transfer ribbons for optimum print quality and durability.

ANSI Matching Colors meet ANSI Z535.1 Color Standard.

Stabilized Release Liner. Polycoated 65# release liner for lay-flat performance, stability, and moisture control. Resistant to curling and scrolling after printing.

Permanent Acrylic Adhesive. Environmentally friendly water-based adhesive is formulated for maximum adhesion to rough surfaces and a wide variety of applications.

Film Quality Ensures Better Results

Quality is built into every roll of pressure sensitive thermal transfer material, and rolls are contact cleaned with a special process that removes dust and debris down to 3-micron particle size, reducing voids in printing. A color photo spectrometer is used to match color consistency from one let to another and to meet the ANSI Color Standard. Our polyester, vinyl and metalized film base materials are designed to reduce shrinkage when exposed to elevated temperatures after application and also provide stability during the thermal transfer printing process image quality will resist chemical contamination from dirty industrial environments and provide up to five years of life depending on the conditions of use.

Designed for Indistrial Applications and Thermal Transfer Printers

Engineering for marking pipes, plants, warehouses, electrical panels, conduit, bins, racks, equipment or whatever durability is an issue. Plus you can also make bar-coded banner style labels and product labels too


Adhesive-Backed Film Rolls

Adhesive Characteristics

  • Clear acrylic adhesive (aqueous)
  • Excellent initial tack, high shear, minimum cold flow
  • Develops permanent bond within 24 hours
  • Good plasticizer, UV and solvent resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, metal, polyethylene, and other plastics (Test for application on all materials)
  • Minimum application temp. + 35F, service range -20F + 200F
  • Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact
  • Best result when applied to clean, dry, smooth surfaces
  • Clean surface before application with isopropyl alcohol

Outdoor Exposure

  • Automotive grade pigments designed to last 35 years
  • 365 days exposure in Arizona sun showed no significant color loss

Base Materials

  • 2 mil polyester and vinyl film bases (depends on color)
  • ANSI Color matched: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, brown, violet
  • Non-ANSI color available: clear, black, silver matte. Other colors are available upon special request.

Release Liner

  • Polycoated stay-flat release liner

Top Coat

  • Thermal transfer receptive top-coat matched to resin ribbon
  • Multiple roll and sheet sizes available upon special request

Heat Resistances:

Item24Hrs @ 225°F24Hrs @ 250°F
Without overlaminationNo effectNo effect
With overlaminationNo effectNo effect

Chemical/Solvent Resistance:

ChemicalFilm Rolls
Brake FluidExcellent
Acetic AcidExcellent
Mineral SpiritsGood
Acid (Weak)Excellent
Acid (Strong)Good

Other applications:

Adhesive-backed films are also available in sheet sizes for laser printer imaging.

AzCoat Part #ColorMaterialAdhesive
200122WhitePolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200119YellowPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200111BlackPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200117OrangePolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200115RedPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200107BluePolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200105GreenPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200125SilverPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200109BrownPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200103ClearPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate
200113VioletPolyester top coated for TT w/AzFlat linerPermenate