Green Statement

We at AzCOAT feel as responsible members of the business community, it is our desire and pledge to leave the environment better than we found it. Having an environmentally conscious company is a philosophy that AzCoat has been committed to since 1986. AzCoat has and continues to utilize environmentally friendly product development practices, manufacturing systems, packaging policies, energy conservation and waste management in our commitment to the environment.

AzCoat’s eco-friendly processes and procedures include:

  • 100% of product development, adhesives and manufacturing coatings are water based so conscious customers know we will use aqueous based coatings for their products!
  • Most products are built to order - This keeps low excess stock inventory, no inventory obsolescence and reduces packaging and shipping costs!
  • Our coatings are biodegradable and our excess materials are recycled and reused!
  • Using water based coatings allow for reusable packaging!
  • Our coatings are FDA approved for food packaging!
  • Coatings that we apply do not contain any substances listed on the US federal list of hazardous air pollutants!
  • None of our coatings contain any chemicals on California’s Proposition 65 list!
  • Our facility utilizes energy saving processes and equipment!
  • We use lighting that is highly efficient and environmentally safe for disposal!
  • We recycle all ink and toner cartridges!