Security and Brand Protection

Frangible, Voiding and Tamper-Evident Products

Our line of frangible, voiding and tamper-evident films provide a broad range of pressure-sensitive laminates for product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and brand-verification labeling markets.

We also offer custom voiding capabilities that provide your customer the ability to stand out against their competition. Our custom void program allows you to choose your voiding text, color match, or, if desired, you can showcase shapes and logos.

Utilizing a polyester base, this program is available. Based on the artwork for the customer void text/logo and color selected, setup fees will vary. Duplicate orders do not require additional setup fees.


Nanomarker ™ technology offers a customized forensic authentication solution for brand owners by integrating micro size logo, design, code, or other custom identifiers into the packaging or product itself. The proprietary Nanomarkers has never been successfully duplicated or counterfeited and can be easily verified with existing smart phone technology. Further developments with Nanomarkers are ongoing. Nanomarket taggants combined with other data codes and geopositioning software technologies are the future. The Nanomarket technology solutions is designed to be customizable to brand owner challenges including: counterfeit authentications, supply chain diversion, warranty/coupon fraud, cargo theft, and other protection challenges. Call us today to discuss your requirements.